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Every day I am healing more and more; feeling more energy and getting back to normal. I thank spirit and my angels who have been helping me! I also want to thank my sweet boys and husband for the beautiful flowers and cards they’ve given me. Next week I will be ready to do readings…
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It’s been about 11 days since my surgery and I’m healing wonderfully! Thank you to all who’ve kept me in your thoughts and prayers.  I still get tired fairly easily and it’s hard to do everything that I did each day before my surgery but I guess that’s understandable, yet a bit frustrating too!   My hubby…
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Change Your Thoughts

I’d like to address a problem that 99% of people have who have ever been abused. I would like to tell you that NO ONE is better than you! Please don’t ever allow other people to talk down to you, or talk to other people as if you are less than them or don’t measure…
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