Every day I am healing more and more; feeling more energy and getting back to normal. I thank spirit and my angels who have been helping me! I also want to thank my sweet boys and husband for the beautiful flowers and cards they’ve given me.

Next week I will be ready to do readings again and get back into the swing of things! I’ve been contacted the past two weeks to be a guest on 2 different internet radio shows! One will be in July and the other in August, so check back for actual dates and times so you can call in! It’s amazing how spirit and the universe knows exactly when things should happen; whether you are up to doing something and when you’re not. I’ve also been asked to write an endorsement on a psychic medium’s new book that will be published shortly! It’s such an honor to even be thought of for something so important so I also want to thank my friend Faye Inrig for allowing me to contribute a tiny bit to her new book. Our connection came about so unexpectedly with so many similarities in our “awakening”. Faye lost her brother just a few years ago and she began getting signs and messages from him!

I’m so grateful for my family and friends. Thank you all. xoxox