My name is Beth Berry. I'm a psychic medium. I communicate with your loved ones who have passed over to the spirit world so you will know they are okay and still a part of your life. As a psychic medium, my job is to bring through spirit and communicate to you the things they show or tell me or make me feel. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (Sees, hears and senses). With my belief in God, I use my psychic medium gifts to help others heal physically and emotionally. My psychic and medium abilities were "awakened" after the sudden death of my brother Brian. I was 12 years older than Brian so I had a maternal connection to him. Because of the traumatic experience of losing Brian, I understand and empathize with others' grief. It is a blessing to share my gift with people across the world by giving messages from heaven to help with the grieving process. It is so amazing how receiving evidence and messages from passed loved ones can help us here on earth know that they are with us, happy and free.

There are no rules in heaven, so if you're wondering if there is a time limit as to when we can communicate with spirit, there isn't. There is no time in heaven either, so whether someone passed last week or 20 years ago, it doesn't matter. When you decide you are ready to hear from your loved one is up to you as to when the time feels right. You may even receive signs from heaven shortly after someone passes to let you know they're okay.

Spirit provides me with evidence so that you will recognize it is your loved one communicating as their personality comes through. You will know by their unique sense of humor, serious or even bossy tone and have confidence they are in fact communicating with us during your session. A lot if times, additional spirits may come through to send a message or just to say, "Hi, I''m here and I'm okay". Please read what to expect on my About Your Reading page. The greatest gift for me is knowing that you have felt their love and presence.

As a medium, I am also psychic, so if you'd like a general psychic reading to focus on career or personal issues, I will use my psychic abilities to help you along your path and address any questions or concerns you may have. You may combine both types of readings if you'd like, which is what most people prefer. You are welcome to ask specific questions during your reading. I ask people to make a list of questions so nothing is forgotten and all of your questions are answered during your session. I would like you to get as much from your reading as possible.

I'd also like to add that I am not a 1-800 Dial A Psychic. I take my gifts seriously and like to take the time to meditate on you and your areas of focus before your psychic medium reading. Therefore I only do psychic medium readings by appointment. As a medium I must take the time to get in a "quiet place" to communicate with spirit. I can usually find an appointment for you within a week or less, depending on how our schedules coincide.

I offer 30 minute readings. Psychic readings and spirit readings both are recorded and emailed to you for your reference.