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Happy Holidays!

Well, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner. The holidays can be a very difficult time for those who are missing their passed loved ones or loved ones who just can’t be there over this special time. I really wanted to skip this year’s holidays! I know, quite “scroogie” but our sons,…
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Thank you for the wonderful reading this week after my son’s death. I found it very beneficial and extremely enlightening. I have never participated in a spiritual reading before and the information that you communicated to me was incredible. I must say that the accuracy of the information was amazing. I feel I have a…
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Gifts From Heaven

When my brother passed away we lived in Germany. My parents and siblings lived in Missouri. In Germany there were two different types of calling plans to call the US. The one we had was a toll free number, we entered a pin number then dialed the number we wanted to call – without the…
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