Happy Holidays!

Well, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner. The holidays can be a very difficult time for those who are missing their passed loved ones or loved ones who just can’t be there over this special time. I really wanted to skip this year’s holidays! I know, quite “scroogie” but our sons, David and Jared can’t be here this year. Since we live in Georgia where Dave retired from the Air Force we don’t live around family either, so we wind up being quite alone, save for our friend Claude who we have over every year. We’ve already gotten the boys and Hensley (David’s wife) their Christmas gifts, so I’ve decided to skip Christmas this year. LOL I know…it’s just easier that way! It seems the empty nest syndrome hasn’t gotten any better since 5 years ago! Dave and I are going watch movies all day Christmas day.

Your loved ones in spirit may not be here in the physical, but they will be with you no matter what over these special times. Know that they love to be part of family celebrations and if you take lots of pictures, more than likely you will catch them in your photos! My heart goes out to all the mom’s who’ve lost a child. It is painful enough right now just to have my children far away. I cannot imagine the pain a parent feels when you cannot even pick up the phone and hear your child’s voice. I’m so sorry for your pain and anguish, but know, spirit doesn’t need a phone. Talk to them just the way you normally would. They can hear you! Ask them for a specific sign so you know they are truly around. Signs come in many ways so be open to however they bring them.