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Psychic On Facebook

Hi! Finally, I just signed up for a facebook account, so if you’d like to join me, please click on the facebook link and add me as a friend!  I’m hoping to visit more with my clients, friends and family!  It’s really easy to sign up, so come join me! This weekend our youngest son…
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Ready To Get Back To Work!

Our summer vacation with our boys, girls and family is over!  We had visitors here in our home for 2 weeks. It was a wonderful time and so very hard to say good bye, especially to our boys, daughter in law and future daughter in law since they had to go back home to Italy.   I…
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Reuniting With Family

Hello Everyone! I’m so happy to announce that in a matter of weeks our son Jared will be coming home from Korea for a 2 week visit and our son David and wife Hensley will be coming home for 3 weeks during the same time! Both boys are being transferred to Aviano, Italy at the…
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