Client Testimonials

Thank you so very much for my reading this morning with my son and father! You were EXTREMELY accurate! In fact, I must apologize because many things did not click at the time when you said them, but after stepping back and taking a moment, I realized that you were right after all! For example, you asked if there was another "Bernadette" or "Bernie." I said no at the time, BUT my mother-in-law (Jerry's grandmother) is named Bernice!! How could I not connect that!!?!! And, I asked if you could see what my son was wearing in his casket. You thought perhaps blue, and then said gray, of which I said "no" to both, that he was not. You then asked if he was a football player because it may have been a football jersey! Well, I guess I was so focused on looking for a specific answer, that I missed this. If you didn't understand the significance of what he was wearing, I'm thinking it may have looked like a football jersey - he was wearing a gray long sleeve shirt underneath a black button down shirt. So in fact, he was wearing gray, and it may have looked like a football jersey because it was underneath a shortsleeve black shirt. Also I've confirmed with his girlfriend, that she does drive a Murano, which does look like a small SUV that you saw my son riding around in with her, and although she is not in the medical field, she was always the one who carried around the medical kit and treated minor injuries at the college functions that my son was involved with. I'm working on figuring out the other info you shared with me that I didn't connect with right away. Anyway, I cannot tell you how much comfort you have brought to me. May God bless you and keep you close to his heart. Thank you so much again! Bernadette Hajek


Words can not describe the gift that you have given me. And I truly believe that it is a gift. Like many widows, I have struggled with so many emotions, guilt, anger, sadness, unanswered questions. Although meeting with you Friday was emotional, I walked away, not feeling heavy or sad, but a sense of overwhelming relief. I have always believed that Chad was okay, and that he was watching over us, but to have that validated was life changing for me. To know how proud he is of me, makes me so happy. I just want to do the very best with our children, and along with his guidance, I really feel like I can accomplish that now. I appreciate you so much. I hope to speak with you again in the future. I know that Alicia feels the same way. We can't stop talking about our experience. Sincerely, Jocelyn

I just wanted to thank you again for today. I was so glad to hear from my dad and finally get answers to some questions that I have had for awhile. It feels like a ton of weights has been lifted off my shoulders. You asked me if I put a letter in my dad's casket and I said no, but I wasn't thinking at the time. While we were visiting with you I had a letter my dad wrote me in my pocket. I bet that was what he was acknowledging. I also wrote a letter to R's parents telling them what he wants them to know. I placed your card in the envelope as well for them to see. Again, thank you so much! I feel so much better. You truly are an angel!

I just wanted to write you quickly and again express my deep appreciation for you sharing your gift with us. I really cannot put into words how helpful that session was. Just to know my Mother is alive, happy, safe and still present in my life - means so very much. Do people ever come back and do follow up sessions at a later time? Well, you really did prove yourself to me, and again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us together once again! PC

Thank you again soooooo much. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now. I have been to see a few events like John Edwards, etc, but this was my first personal experience. I am still just amazed at the detail you had. But most of all, I am amazed at the connection I felt not only to you, but to those that have passed. Of course now I can think of 20 more questions...but that can wait for another time. And I do plan to call you again in the future! But for now, I plan to reflect and absorb all of this, and share it with my mom and sister, and with Sean (he'll be the more skeptical one....but you were right on with his family coming through). I didn't expect his family to come through to me, but that just reaffirms our connection Anyways, I just needed to say thank you for your time, your gift, and your presence. The amount of comfort I feel right now just can't be described with words.TY

How does one thank you for giving them joy, faith and peace of mind. It isn't an easy task, and it's one that I wish I could thank you for in more ways than one. What a wonderful gift you have given me! There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to you. I have had readings before but not of this nature, and I have never felt so incredibly overwhelmed with excitement and happiness with each validation you have given me from the other side. It brought me to tears to know that I am never alone and that my loved ones are there to guide me and cheer me on! You have such a beautiful genuine gift. Ever since our reading together, I have been so chippy and happy! I just know that this is the beginning of a lifelong connection to my spiritual growth and you played a big part in that. I know I was brought to you for a reason and I plan to keep in contact with you throughout my journey. I hope you receive in return as many blessings as you give each of us with your wonderful gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Beth!
May God bless you and your beautiful family always,
Concetta xox

My first session with Beth was awesome. She told me I would meet and marry a man that lived in Texas, but there was something about Georgia too. We would meet through friends, and would be very soon. Six months later, I reconnected with an old friend from Ga. on facebook who lived in Texas and we were married in January. There were many other things she knew about him that were uncanny. God bless you, Beth!

Hello Beth,

I wanted to thank you so much for helping me reconnect with my husband. I felt so much better after talking to you, it was so beautiful to hear from him. The instant you told me about our anniversary, I knew it was him without a doubt in my mind. I would love to do it again soon but at the same time am afraid that I won't want to let go of him and he is probably busy trying to move on too and I must do the same. I love him so much and always will and I was so happy to hear that he is happy and I could feel it in my heart as you were telling me this. By the way remember March, well its Miguel's Bday on the 17th, my brother, I remembered right after we hung up, Juan wanted me to say Happy Birthday to him.. Just like this, a lot of other things came to my mind that were making more sense with what you had told me during our conversation. I kept going back and forth in my mind with everything we talked about and I would get more clear messages of what he was trying to say to me. Wow, I envy you so much!! You have such a great gift and I thank you so much for it. Again, Thanks and you will be hearing from me in the future! God Bless You, Laura

I cannot express enough the peace and healing Beth offers with her readings! I was experiencing EXTREME GRIEF over the suicide of a dear friend/brother and was DESPERATE to know where he was, if he was okay. Familiar with famous Psychic Medium John Edward, I began "surfing the net" ... I read several hoaky websites before my husband found Beth ... I made the appointment within days & tried really hard not to get my hopes up. The day of our appointment I was a nervous wreck, couldn't even eat! The second Beth opened the door, I felt a calm. We sat down on her couch & within minutes she was describing my loved ones to a tee! Undeniable details absolutely NO ONE could have guessed or made-up! I have to say, my very first thought was "Oh my gosh, this is the REAL DEAL ... I can't handle it ... yes I can, no I can't, yes I can!". She slid the box of tissues over to me & continued ... I quickly realized she was giving me a GIFT ...messages of love and validation from my loved ones! A full hour just listening, it was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! My grief melted away that day, LITERALLY MELTED AWAY! I listened to the tape of our reading 3 more times that week, each time realizing more messages. I do believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, you are on Beth's site for a reason, reading my testimony for a reason ... when you decide you're ready, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Sincerely, Julie (Georgia)

This is a letter in thankfulness and praise of the excellent first reading I had last night with Beth. A wonderful VERY, VERY long distance phone reading resulting this morning in giving me the happiest morning of my life. She has opened the door to a new life for me. Immediately she launched into with dead on accuracy and pinpointing the roots of my chronic relationship woes, answering questions that have plagued me for a lifetime.

I have also been through decades of doctors, biofeedback, psych. counseling for stress, in numerous health problems including severe asthma, terrible migraines, health altering stress, phobias etc. Beth solved and did more for my soul and being in under 2 hours last night in my first reading with her than any help I have tried to find in my entire life!

My answers to my gifted reading from Beth last night for me consisted of a montage of: yes, certainly, 100 percent correct, amazing, wow, wow, yes again, very true. Now I understand why I feel that way, go through this, have these fears and health woes) It was just amazing she picked up on everything from many past lives of woe I had endured that totally are affecting all facets of my life now.

From splendid contact with lost loved ones and amazing moments spent with who I thought would be a cheery, sweet, kindly, great grandmother, but who was actually stern with me in spirit in literally relayed, Get a backbone or get some gumption!" (she had lived a very hard work worn life which surprised me as I had never thought of her that way.)

It was a totally life altering experience. I recommend Beth to the whole world! Thank you Beth for literally saving my sanity and retooling my life. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Serenity, Anita B. Saudi Arabia

Upon my sister's recommendation, I reached out to Beth Berry for my first professional psychic medium reading. I was taken aback by how at home I felt talking to Beth. Her warm and comforting disposition allowed me to be open to be read and to receive. Beth's connection with spirit and my passed loved ones enabled her to look into my present life, as well as predict things for the future. She honed in on the answers I was looking for with great accuracy and detail, which put me at ease and let me know everything would be fine. It has been over 2 years since my first reading with Beth and her predictions are still coming to fruition. I have continued to go back to her when in need of guidance, as well as recommend her to my family and friends. If I didn't have the utmost confidence in Beth, surely this is not something I would do. Should there be any question in your mind as to whether or not Beth is the psychic medium for you to connect with, I assure you, she is. You will come away from your reading with feelings of peace, serenity, and joy - just as I always have. Allison New Jersey

Dear Beth

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading we had the other day. My husband passed away so suddenly and I had so many unanswered questions that you have helped me to answer. It is only after our reading that I was able to spend a whole week truly grieving and coming to terms with the entire loss of my husband and getting his message to go on and live life.

I thank you for your understanding and being adjusting and accommodating me on the chat line. I am a person who is happier chatting online than actually person to person and therefore I believe that my husband perhaps arranged it this way for us. You know exactly how long I was trying to get this reading and I am sure you realize how much it means to me to have my belief that my husband is around me at all times re-affirmed.

Thank you for bringing my husband back to me. Your contact was instant and you were absolutely on the spot with all your facts which was all the more re-assuring to me. I am now waiting for my kids to be a little older before I can share this with them and then perhaps bring them to their father through you.

With gratitude always, Shireen

My reading with Beth Berry was very moving. She told me about things that I have put out of my memory and have never mentioned them to anyone. She helped me beilieve in myself again and helped me realize that everything is going to be ok. She enlightened me on a lot of situations that I have had trouble with. She is a great and caring individual who will help where help is needed. Joe

Dear Beth,

As I sit here on September 11th, with all of the heart-ache around us on this tragic anniversary I am filled with so much sorrow; sorrow for the many loved ones left behind that day. Even then, I mean even with all of that sorrow and grief, I am also elated in knowing that although we lost so many that day, they are still here for their children, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. If only one person left behind that day sees this and finds comfort here, then I know I have done a good thing in writing this testimonial...continued

Love, Beth W.Orange Park, FL

Hi Beth, It's been awhile now, but I made a trip to see you with Amanda Sidfrid a few years ago, and in my reading I had asked you if I would ever have a child of my own. In my reading you said that I would and it would be a beautiful little boy. Well low and behold I am finally pregnant, and yes with a little boy! I just wanted to say thanks! Teri Clapham Missouri

Hello Beth, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the spirit reading that you did for me two weeks ago. It brings me so much peace and happiness to know that Josiah's daddy, Jon, is at peace and is happy. I love him so much, and your reading helped reaffirm myself that he knows that. Since the reading, I have been very aware of Jon's presence around us. I have noticed Josiah see him a few times. Once, a day after the reading, I was holding Josiah in my arms on the sofa, and he looked behind me and smiled, his eyes fixed on something, as he clapped slowly with someone. Another night, I was putting him to bed, and I told him goodnight and gave him a kiss, he then looked beside me and said, "Da Da," and blew a kiss. This morning we were laying in bed together, and when he woke up, his eyes fixed on something, he smiled, and said "Da Da," and blew a kiss again. I continue to show Josiah pictures of his father, hoping that his gift to see him in Spirit will remain. Another beautiful thing happened to me. Two nights after your reading, I was telling a friend about the reading, and a beautiful spirit orb appeared about 7 feet away from us, and illuminated on the wall. It was about 5 feet in diameter and contained golden yellow balls of light that circled and wove inside the orb. My friend saw it, too. I know that was Jon. I have been aware of him near me, and have asked to feel his presence. I have felt heat and a tingly sensation on my hand and my head while laying in bed. I feel blessed to receive that. I talk to him a lot, and I hear his answers within. I have been talking to my Spirit Guides, as well, and I was given the name of one. I hear her answers come to me immediately when I ask a question. She send much love and peace in her words. Your reading has helped awaken a loving sense of peace within towards Spirit. When losing someone, one can feel so sad and confused. I am reassured that we are with each other always, and that I will be with him again one day. I was blessed to receive my mother and grandmother, as well, in your reading. The power of love is infinite. You are such a beautiful person, Beth, and the Divine is using you to bring peace and truth to so many. Thank you for blessing me with your gifts. Love, Jessi


What can I say but, WOW! You are such a sweetheart and feel like an old friend. Our comfort level with you couldn't have been any better. (in person, family) I love how you "matter of fact" described some of our relatives, especially my nephew. You hit it right on the head. You really got my brother-in-law's (Todd) attention when you described our dad and how he died. I think he is a bit closer to seeing how we could believe this is possible. It was truly a blessing that I found you in such a short time. Your site was all I needed to see to know that you were the one we needed to speak to. This was done mostly for Tammy....she still has difficulty with our mother's death. She has two little boys to take care of and that can be hard to do when she is so consumed with our mom's passing. She misses her dearly. And I feel lost for something to do for her. YOU! You are the one she needs....I know that now. I just felt like I could sit there an old friend talking about mutual friends. You will see us again! Thank you! Visa - GA

I just got off the phone with you and am amazed at the reading! Hearing from my grandpa brought me so much happiness. Knowing he plays an active part of our lives is amazing. I always wondered if he was with us and now I know he is! The things he used to do with me - the memories he brought to you - were spot on. You were right when he told you I was his favorite. Any time my family would talk about my grandpa, my mom would say, "You were his favorite." That would always make me smile. ------1 hour later...I just got off the phone with you an hour ago and you told me about some plumbing issue I may have. Five minutes ago, my neighbor below me knocked on my door, told me her ceiling was leaking and asked if I had any issues. Craziness! The news you brought me about the recent passing of my cousin (Last week) and his remorse of suicide hit home. I plan on calling his mom and letting her know he's doing ok and is sorry. I'm certain that will bring her comfort. You brought me so much peace and comfort letting me know I have a bright future ahead and what direction I should take with my career. Also letting me know I made the right decision about dumping the loser boyfriend I had - that lifted a ton of bricks off my shoulders! Knowing my grandpa disapproved of him was even better. 😉 Thank you. You were so helpful, kind and fun to talk with. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested. Thanks Again!

Audra - GA

I had a reading with Beth the other day and it was wonderful. There is nothing like having the energy of "angels" working with you to bring clarity to your path. I felt like I met two friends after having my reading with them. It both informed and educated me on how I can best proceed to walk my path and communicate with those I have loved. Within two days I already had received confirmation from the other side that my messages were being answered. I have had prior readings over the years with other psychics and those other readings don't come close to the gift I received from Beth. I have recommended her to my friends already and know I will be back again, and again when I am in need of futher enlightenment. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. You are a real blessing.
With open heart, Susan

Hi Beth, I have an update for you. I know maybe you have a lot of clients but I'll just be another to attest to what you say coming into play. I got a reading from you last year . You said I'd be going to Africa which I am (In June). You also mentioned the overdose with the pills which I believe was this previous time. You mention a short guy who looked Mexican with dark brown eyes that I would be with and you said he was DEFINITELY not for me, which you were right about. As it turns out he is half Mexican and half Italian, lived in Italy his whole life and I am totally not having anything to do with him at all! I am going for some level of nursing which you mentioned .....I think that's the big stuff! I am truly blessed that you came into my life as I have learned so much about myself and the world as I thought I knew it. Thank you again, I can't express my gratitude enough.
S.C. Colorado

Dear Beth,

I wanted to tell you both how much I enjoyed your reading...not only enjoyed it, but needed it. I had many questions that needed direction in, and you provided that direction in the most gentle, sincerest way possible, and there is no way I can think of to possibly repay you for the light you have shined upon my path. My inner light saw yours and was warmed. Thank you ever so much, and believe me, anyone at all that I see who is troubled...I will urge them your way. Your gifts are amazing and the way you present them; friendly and gentle. I will be talking to you again..Ha! but you already knew that! Charlie -Aurora, CO

I have had several readings over the course of the last year, but never experienced a reading as accurate as my reading with Beth. I have never written a testimonial for any of the other psychic mediums that read for me so this in itself is proof of my belief in Beth's ability. Furthermore, I have and will continue to recommend Beth to all my family and friends; something I obviously wouldn't do unless I knew first hand Beth is the real deal! During my hour with Beth she identified several family members who have passed. Beth described each person to a "T" so I never had any doubt that she was really seeing, hearing and feeling them. I was able to get messages from loved ones that I could bring back to my family which to me is priceless. Later in the reading Beth also gave me insight into my present life as well as made predictions for the future. I laughed, cried and definitely got a lot out of my reading. As Beth's predictions come true (and I'm confident they will!) I'll be sure to let everyone know. Be open and definitely take a few minutes to meditate before your reading and I know you''ll be pleased. Jennifer, New Jersey

I just want to thank you for the reading the other day. You are as beautiful as you sound on the phone Beth. You truly have a beautiful gift and I am so lucky to have come across your web site. Once again you hit so many things right on. The mention of sending balloons up to Corey was so unbelievable it sent chills up my back. You take care girl and continue to share your wonderful gift with others.
Love, Jan

Beth, you have an amazing light and gift. Thank you again for sharing your abilities with me and my sisters. I just keep looking over my notes and thinking about all that spirit showed you and shared. And I'm SO excited and relaxed at the same time. I know that good things are on the way, that I'm on the right path and will be successful. That really helps me to calm down, not be so anxious and enjoy the ride. My husband was also happy to hear about our future, especially the part where he gets to work from home!
Beth, Virginia

My name is Shante and I had my reading with Beth today and it was heart felt. She connected with my dad and the emotion I felt was overwhelming. Her information was concrete and honest, and most of all delivered with compassion. I talked to my mother and sister and so many things Beth said were confirmed! She is highly recommended and I am not easy to please! Thanks Beth.

My name is Ivy and I currently live in Georgia. I have been quite spiritual for a while now, but have always found it very difficult to find a psychic medium that I could really believe in. Not to say that I have had many readings because that is not the case. But I tend to research a lot and wait to get good leads from reliable sources. This was actually only my second reading. My sister received a reading last week that just blew me away. My best friend's husband that passed a couple years ago in a really bad accident at work even came through, but my sister had never met him. The details that he gave were confirmed by my best friend and it just provided evidence that when you ask enough for someone to come through, they will. He even made a momentary presence at the Lisa Williams' show, but was never one to step over people's toes and quite the gentleman to let others go first, so when he came through to my sister with the details of his passing, all the way down to the color of his arm hair being red (which you only would know if you REALLY paid attention and I had to confirm with my best friend because I never realized it), it was just more confirmation from the other side that he is OK. I had been hoping so much that my husband's mother would come through at the Lisa Williams'' show, but it did not happen. My husband Fred had quite a difficult time after her passing and even though it was several years ago, I knew if he could just speak with her one more time that he would get the closure he needed to move on. Boy was I right. Beth was able to pick up on details that only my husband could confirm, from the curtains she made to the Belgian connection, to his sister becoming a nurse. She even nailed the personality types of my family members to a T, and was even able to pick up on the evilness of my abusive EX brother-in-law. To know that there is someone out there with such talent that you actually believe in because there is NO way she would have known some of the details she did (especially since Fred's entire family history is all in Belgium) is so reassuring and I am so grateful to have been given her name. Beth has a genuine want to just help people with closure and has a such a wonderful presence even over the phone, it is like speaking with an old friend who wants to help. I have already decided to get a gift certificate for a friend because I have such belief in Beth's ability. I recommend her to anyone, and my husband even says he may be calling back again. I am not one for overkill and believe that we must live our lives without calling a psychic every week for advice, but if he wants to call again in the future just to have that reassurance again, I am all for it. This is directly to Beth now; seriously you do not know how much it meant for us to hear some of the things you said from Fred's mom! I asked specific questions the whole week before the reading and they came through crystal clear to Fred. I know how much he needed to hear everything you said, but I needed it so much too. I am truly a believer and one day Fred's father will be too. 🙂

My name is Beth Nolan and I live in Macon, Ga. I work as a fragrance model for some of the top fragrance houses in the world and happened to be working at a local department store in Warner Robins, Ga., when my life changed.

My job is to sell the fragrances - I'm sure you have seen us before. I saw a beautiful woman walking toward me and I said, "Hi there! Can I help you with anything?" I stopped and paused. Both of us gave each other a look like we had met before. I asked her if we knew each other and introduced myself. We giggled that both of us were named Beth Ann and then her face kind of changed. Beth told me that I wasn't from here (I'm not) and said, "Listen, I don't want to offend you, but I'm a psychic and I feel that someone you know wants to come through"... (continued)

Beth Ann Nolan, Macon, Ga.

Hi Beth!
I recently had a reading with you about my ex boyfriend Joe who passed away. I really just wanted to thank you. I have been carrying around so much guilt thinking there was something I could have done to save him, and the fact that he told you to tell me that there was nothing I could have done, really, really helped me. Joe and I always felt that we would get back together again, we just felt like we were too young for "forever" right now. It truly made me feel better to know that Joe saw our break up as a way to make it a little easier for me when he did pass away. I also felt like Joe was mad at me for being with my current boyfriend, Mike, but when you told me that Joe said he was a good guy it made me feel so much better about everything with Mike. Honestly, I went into this experience being very skeptical and expecting the worst, but some of the things you said were things that no one knew. I want you to know that I am now a firm believer in you and your gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really mean it. I'm finding myself getting all emotional and teary eyed just writing you this email! Thanks again Beth, you have made me feel a lot better because now I know that Joe is OK. You're amazing! -Love, Jessica

Hi Beth, You probably don't remember but back in November you told me I would meet someone with short dark hair who is into reiki and we would have a business together- a health food store with a room in the back for healing???

Well guess who popped into my life! A reiki master with short dark hair that wants to partner in a business with me and have a healing center with it! Do you have the chills now? We both did!!

Cindy, CA

This was the first time in my life that I have ever had a reading with a medium and It was the most amazing experience. Thank you Beth for doing this for me. You have the most wonderful and beautiful talent. Corey was my 24 year old son who passed away in a terrible accident in August of 2007. I had so many unanswered questions that I had to get answered somehow or they would be nagging me the rest of my life. I had some Oprah shows taped on my DVD recorder so I decided to watch a show one day. This show was on mediums and I was fascinated with the thought of being able to talk to my son to get the answers that I had. I went to the internet to see who was out there. I came across Beth's website "Light of Brian". I read through the site and it was so touching so I book marked it. Then one day several weeks later I decided to look at this site again. I then decided to send an email off to ask some questions. To my great surprise and delight she emailed me back immediately. One of the questions I had was if she could do a reading in Canada. The response was that wouldn't be a problem. Then several emails later I had arranged a date and time for the reading. I was also able to pay her through "paypal" which is so wonderful.

The reading was more that I had expected, I could have talked with her for hours. She was able to tell me many things about my son and my family that were true. I believe that Beth is truly a very special person here on earth. I know that Corey and God brought you into my life so that I could have some peace with Corey's death. I would have liked to give him one last hug or kiss but we couldn't see him because of the burns. The funeral director recommended that we not see him. Through the reading most of my questions were answered for me. Thanks again for the special gift. You are a very special person. Some day I hope I would have the pleasure to meet you. Take Care and may the angels in our lives continue to talk to you to help heal. Love, Jan xoxoxo

Hi Beth,

Do you remember during our session you said something was coming thru about me hitting the lottery maybe? Something about $5,000 was coming thru strong and you urged me to play the lottery? LOL Well it wasn't the lottery but, quite unexpectedly yesterday I received a $5000 check in the mail. It was my share of a ROTH IRA my dad had. I knew that was in the works but, didn't figure that would be paid out until late June or possibly even July.

I listened to the tape again with my wife. Because of some of the things that were said about her family I wasn't planning on letting her hear it but, she wanted to hear it. She said you nailed it in what you said about how she felt and was treated by her family. It actually brought her to tears as did some of the other things that were said where she was mentioned in other parts of the tape.

It was funny too because afterwards she said that she had a peaceful feeling after listening to it. Same as I did but, I didn't mention to her how I felt after our session so that was kind of weird that she got the same feelings as me. Thanks again, Jeff

Beth you have no idea how much last night helped me connect with my brother and my mother. I'm telling you I could not sleep last night because of the overwhelming joy and happiness that was in my heart. I could just feel through the phone the happiness both my mother and my brother had. Before then, I had sorrow in my heart every single day and cried every single day about their passing, but now, I only have joy and happiness in my hearrt. I just can't wait until my time comes to be reuinited with them. You were just wonderful and there were no doubts in our minds that we were not communicating with my mother and brother. I woke up this morning wanting to dance, dance, dance; so much joy in my heart.

Thanks so much!!!! Phyllis, FL

I decided to schedule a reading with Beth for my Mom and I. This was our first reading ever. I wanted my Mom to finally have some reassurance that her parents were ok. We lost my Grandma in a car accident and my Grandpa was the driver. We were able to find out that my Grandma passed suddenly and that my Mom's Grandma was there with her. My Grandpa told us of the guilt he had carried with him for all those years later he lived but he was finally able to let it go when he was reunited with her and told us that it was her time and no one was to blame. A HUGE weight was lifted off of my Mom's shoulders. All we ever wanted my Grandpa to know was that it was not his fault, but he couldn't accept that while he was alive, so knowing now that he has is such a relief. We felt their love come right through to us, it was a moment of tears and smiles when we heard all they had to say. My Mom is forever grateful to have felt this.

Beth was also able to communicate with my husband's Grandmother who I loved dearly. She treated me as if I were her own. Immediately she came through and told Beth that I was a daughter to her. I knew it was her by what she said!

Something also happened that my Mom and I laugh about now; Beth asked her what was wrong with her foot, she said nothing at the time so Beth told her to be careful and we laughed it off. Within the next few days my Mom injured her foot; funny how Beth was able to pick that up. She was also able to tell us some things about our daily lives that would help us and pass on some messages from our family that would help us in our lives. The whole experience was absolutely amazing!

If you are in need and trying to find someone to help you communicate with your passed loved ones contact Beth. She has a beautiful gift that she enjoys sharing with others. She is very trusting and comforting. Love Lisa M-CA

I spent several days researching psychic mediums near the Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA area. When I came across Beth's site, I was immediately drawn to her down-to-earth style and sunny disposition. I inquired via e-mail, and she wrote back to me with lightening-fast speed -- five minutes, tops!

I was a bit nervous before my reading, as this was the first time I'd ever done anything like this. But Beth was so warm and inviting she made me feel at ease and right at home. During the spiritual reading, Beth told me she had connected with -- among others -- some very close loved ones of mine who had passed. She then talked about matters that only those loved ones and I could have known about! She was even able to bring out bits of their personalities during the reading. It was really quite amazing.

During the more general psychic reading, as well, Beth was able to hit the nail on the head concerning issues in my personal and professional life, as well as the lives of those close to me. What she said to me was quite inspiring on a number of levels, and has certainly set into motion a series of positive changes in my life. For that, I thank her! R.R., Birmingham, AL

I wanted to tell you what I found out after talking to my family members about your reading. I got a clarification about what your mentioned regarding Guadalupe. At the time I associated it your commend with Virgin Guadalupe, but did not resonate with me much, because I have not been in the Catholic church for a long time. Anyway, I mentioned this to my dad yesterday, and I was amazed by his response. One of my aunts have given my dad a prayers book a while back, and the night before I had the reading, the last prayer he read before going to sleep for the first time ever was the prayer for Virgin Guadalupe!!!!

You asked me if I knew any Margaret, and at the time I could not remember, but Margaret is the minister of the church that I recently started to visit.

Anyway, I just though you would want to know about what I found out after we talked. Once again, thanks for the great reading. Mayra

Hello Beth,

Last October my husband and I came in for a reading, mostly for him. At one point you suggested that I go get a mammogram. You said that it would be okay but just check to make sure... I did and it was fine. It did open me up for several more tests but I am close to the end of those. Thanks for the suggestion. -Mardi

...After telling Craig during a reading to check their tires:OK I told Craig to check the tires on the car and guess what? He didn't listen! So today as he was traveling down the Interstate one of the tires on the car blew out. When he went to have it fixed the gentleman taking care of it could not understand how a "New" tire could blow like it did! OK so next time Craig will listen! I just had to let you know what "You were riiiiggghhhttt!" LOL -Lynn (Craig's wife)