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Client Testimonials

Thank you so very much for my reading this morning with my son and father! You were EXTREMELY accurate! In fact, I must apologize because many things did not click at the time when you said them, but after stepping back and taking a moment, I realized that you were right after all! For example,…
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Group Spirit Readings

I’ve been doing group readings the past few month and I have to say, I absolutely love it! It’s so fun to communicate with so many different spirits in one day! My last group of people were amazing! The more open minded you are the easier it is for spirit to communicate with me! The spirits…
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We Are Spirit

We are all spirit having a human experience. We are all one with each other so don’t judge. Everyone of us chooses what we have right this moment with our thoughts and actions. Remember, thoughts and actions have energy and the more we send it out to the universe the quicker it comes back to…
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Getting a reading from a medium

When you get a reading and want to hear from spirit, remember, the medium should give you some evidence about the spirit so that you know it is your loved one.  When I do a reading I always give the physical description of your loved one.  Most times they will let me know how they…
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