Getting a reading from a medium

When you get a reading and want to hear from spirit, remember, the medium should give you some evidence about the spirit so that you know it is your loved one.  When I do a reading I always give the physical description of your loved one.  Most times they will let me know how they passed, and then I feel their energy so I can describe their personality also.  Once we’ve nailed down this is truly your loved one in heaven, we begin with messages and memories from spirit.

When a “medium” starts off by saying, “Your loved one is sitting at the beach” and not much else….well then, they shouldn’t be calling themselves a medium.  If that does happen to you, just tell the “medium” that you’re not connecting and would like a refund.  If they’re honorable, they will have no problem giving your money back.

I have no problem giving a refund if I don’t connect with you or your passed loved ones.  Hey, it happens to everyone once in a while.