About Your Reading

When someone calls me for psychic spirit readings (mediums psychic readings) the first thing I do is describe physically the spirit or spirits I am seeing. They sometimes show me how they looked just before they passed and once in a while they will present themselves at a younger, more vibrant age. This happened one time in particular for a lady I was doing psychic readings for. Everything I told her made sense about a lady in spirit except her size. Come to find out this spirit was extremely overweight in life but was showing me herself as a thin person. Apparently she was so fed up with being overweight she wanted her loved one to know she is thin now. I will give hair color, approximate age, usually eye color, and whether they were short or tall. Sometimes spirit will also show me how they looked at a younger age, especially if they were a little vain here on earth.

I ask people to please keep in mind that even if you want to hear from one particular spirit, please be open to others coming through. Even people you might not have been close to may show up, or your husband's passed loved ones, or your best friend's mom! It's better to acknowledge them and let me know this is not the spirit you're wanting to hear from rather than say "no" to everything. They may just be coming through to say hi or ask you to pass a message on to a family member of theirs, or they may actually be bringing through the loved one you want to hear from. Just let me know and we can thank them for coming through, let them know they are always welcome, then ask them to step aside.

After describing the spirit physically I will ask them how they passed away. Most times they tell me, once in a while they won't go there. -Almost like they don't want you to remember them that way, or for instance, if they've committed suicide, they might be ashamed and won't show me how they passed. A lot of times I will "feel" how they passed. For instance, if there was a lung issue or breathing problem, I will literally feel like I can't breathe. After this I try and get a feel for their personality. I will actually feel this. If they were fun and comical I will feel like I want to laugh when I am around them, or I might feel very serious if they were stoic before they passed.

Then we move on to whatever the spirit may want to show me or say to you. They may take you down memory lane, all the way back to your childhood, and/or talk about your life right now. They can see future things too, so sometimes if something doesn't make sense with your past, keep it in mind for your future! Names come through sometimes too, although some names may not click right away. It's like John Edward says, "People get psychic amnesia". Believe me, spirit can bring names of extended family, names of people who are living or passed, friends, people they might not have even known while they are here, so just keep that in mind. Why? I have no idea, just acknowledge the name if you recognize it. I tell everyone if the name doesn't make sense I could just be getting the initial. If I say James, it could just be a J or G sounding name. I know it's hard to remember everyone's names, even obvious ones during psychic readings; I'm the same way when I get psychic readings! Please do not have specific expectations for what you want to hear during your psychic readings. If you expect to hear one specific thing and don't get it, you might be disappointed. It's not like I'm sitting here having a conversation with the spirit on the phone. I do hear, but it's like trying to tune in a radio station. Most times I get what they're saying, especially if it is a whole thought rather than one single word. Please remember I'm only the transmitter and getting information from spirit is not an exact science. Please do not expect everything to be exact with what I say. Don't get me wrong, a lot of things they show me will be exact, but other things I might have to interpret with what I'm feeling or the symbols I am shown. I just want you to be open to all possibilities and have an open mind and understand why I may interpret something a particular way. If you say "no" to something, I will explain exactly what I am seeing or feeling so you will be able to understand better and possibly help me interpret what I'm being shown. One example: I see a vein bursting which makes me feel "aneurism" or "stroke". The people I was doing psychic readings for flatly said, "No." After telling them exactly what I saw, they told me there was an aneurism, but in the heart, not the head. See what I'm saying? Just be open to how I may be interpreting something.

I may have one spirit in front of me who I am focusing on but others may in the background who I'm not actually seeing. Sometimes the ones in the background may give me information about themselves, so please keep that in mind in case I'm switching spirits. Just let me know, "Oh that fits grandma" (or whoever) and they usually pop right in so that I can see them! Once in a while we have a huge family reunion from spirit!

I do give you a chance to ask questions about your life, so please make a list of questions for yourself, just so you don't forget anything. I want you to have all of your questions answered and don't want you to hang up and immediately remember you forgot to ask me something. It's like going to the doctor for 3 things and you only talk about one, then get in the car and remember the other two things! Most people want "combo" readings (I call that my number 3 lol) where they hear from spirit and ask general questions.

Before your psychic readings, if you'd like to meditate or get in a quiet place and invite your loved ones through, that would be great. I meditate before your psychic readings too, so if we both are, it really helps. Just try and be calm and completely open minded and everything will be fine. Just remember, the more open minded you are the easier the information flows during the psychic readings. If you sit there and flatly say "yes" or "no" the entire time it makes it harder and quite draining for me. Please just be yourself. It helps a lot to have your energy on the other end too! I want you to have wonderful psychic readings!

Here are some tips taken from a spiritualist brochure:

How To Get Good Psychic Readings - Understanding Spiritual Mediumship

1. Try to relax before seeing or talking to a mediums. It creates a better atmosphere for the psychic readings and makes it easier for the spirits to communicate.

2. Let the mediums proceed in her own manner. Don't expect your most pressing problem to be discussed immediately.

3. Spirit provides evidence of identity in many different ways. It may be by name, description, relationships, incidents, etc. Be willing to verify such evidential information so the mediums can proceed to any message that is to be given.

4. Let the mediums know when they are correct. Don't attempt to confuse them. Be fair.

5. Arguing or wanting things done your way makes it difficult for them mediums to function effectively and may lead to failure.

6. Something may make more sense by the end of the psychic readings, or understanding the message may come at a later time after you have had a chance to think about it. So don't be so quick to say "no" to what is given by the mediums without giving it a little bit of thought.

7. The true success of psychic readings is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides. Prediction is possible, but you have the power/free will to change coming events.

8. If you wish to ask questions, meditate on them in advance of the psychic readings. Give spirit ample time to get an answer. No spirit claims to have an answer on the spur of the moment. After all you are communicating with people.

9. Good psychic readings should explain the philosophy of harmonious living. Mediumship is not fortune telling.

10. Don't try to prolong the psychic readings. The mediums realize when the energies are leaving. You are always welcome to come again.