Payment & Scheduling

Type of Readings

I offer "general" psychic readings that can address different areas of your life or what I call "spirit" readings where I communicate with your passed loved ones. I can also combine the two. Just let me know what type of reading you prefer! For information about how a reading works with me please see "About Your Reading". I have the ability to record your phone reading and email you a link so you can download your reading to your computer. People sometimes ask if it is better to do a reading in person. The answer is no, it really doesn't matter. Spirit can be anywhere at anytime. Spirit is total energy and can be here with me and with you at the same time. I don't need you physically in front of me to connect with your higher self, spirit guides or your passed loved ones. For the person who is a little bit skeptic, phone readings are really neat because I can't see your body language or expressions during the reading. Really, it's a personal preference. I am very flexible with my schedule for psychic readings or medium readings. I will do evening and weekend sessions for those who are busy during the weekdays. If you choose an in person reading and would like your reading recorded, please bring your cell phone with you. I am in Bonaire, GA. When your payment is received I will email you a phone number to call for your reading. I can usually do your session within a week or two after your payment is made. For in person readings please call or e-mail me before making your payment. Thank you! When you receive your recording, please download it to your computer shortly after receiving it even if you don't intend on listening to it right away. The downloads are only available for 6 months then they are deleted. I have no way of retrieving the recordings after that time. To e-mail me please click the email link all the way at the bottom of the page.

I also offer group readings! You can have it at your home, or I'm happy to host groups at my home. The fee is $500 minimum for my area. I bring through spirit for different people in the group for 90 minutes. It's like the groups Theresa Caputo or John Edward would do. I will bring through as many spirits as time allows. Please keep in mind, not every single person will get a reading if we have a large group, but everyone in the room will experience what spirit messages are like and even feel a healing in relating with another person's reading. I'm not the type of psychic who sits down with tarot cards and a crystal ball. I am a medium (also psychic) and I pride myself on giving proof and messages from spirit so you know your passed loved ones are not gone, but truly with you even though they are not here physically. If you're interested in having a group event, please email me: More than likely, smaller groups of people will all hear a message from spirit!

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GROUP READING: (email: or call: 478-972-1675)

30 minute IN PERSON READING: $180  Please call for in person readings

30 minute PHONE READING: $170


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Cancellations: It takes a lot of energy to prepare for a reading. I meditate and get myself into a "quiet place" to communicate with spirits. Spirits lower their vibration and my vibration rises so we may communicate. If, for some reason, you can't make your scheduled appointment, please call in advance to reschedule your reading. For people who don't show up for our session without giving me a 24 hour notice, your appointment will be cancelled and payment will not be refunded. Thank you for understanding. 

Disclaimer: Intuitive and mediumship services provided by Beth Berry are not a substitute for psychological or medical care. Please contact a licensed medical doctor if you are in need of medical assistance.