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A Mother’s Love

I found this quote on my friend’s facebook page. It brought tears to my eyes because it describes every mother’s love for their children. I try to tell my boys how much I love them, but it is truly impossible to describe that feeling until you have a child of your own. I tell David…
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Lead By Spirit

This post is a continuation of the post below titled, “Do We Choose Our Death” After I received the call from our neighbor in Germany telling me my husband had been in an accident and that I better go home, I tried calling the airline to change our tickets back to Germany. They kept telling…
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Do We Choose Our Death?

Sometimes people want to know when they are going to die, or why someone else died at an early age or from tragic circumstances.  I’ve learned that we do choose when we pass away, and we may have a number of opportunities to pass and we choose whether we want to stay in a body…
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