Lead By Spirit

This post is a continuation of the post below titled, “Do We Choose Our Death”

After I received the call from our neighbor in Germany telling me my husband had been in an accident and that I better go home, I tried calling the airline to change our tickets back to Germany. They kept telling me they couldn’t do it because they couldn’t get my information from the code from our tickets. I called back 3 times in the hopes that someone would be able to figure it out. I purchased our tickets at a German travel agency, so I thought that was the problem. Finally, the last man I spoke to asked if I could just go to the airport with my ticket.  He said they could change them if they had them in their hands. So we rushed in, got dressed, I told David and Jared what had happened and told them to stay at my mom’s with my brother Todd and I’d be back soon.

With wet hair, shorts and a tank top on, and my purse in hand with our airline tickets and passports, my mom, stepfather and I hopped in the truck for the 45 minute drive to the airport. About half way there I kept thinking, “I have to call Todd!” Honestly, I thought he had gotten the phone call that my husband Dave had died. I began to panic, really feeling the need to call my brother! It was so hard being away from a phone. (no cell phone) When my stepfather let my mom and I out of the truck I told my mom I had to call Todd. She asked me to wait till we got up to the counter from the long line we were standing in. She could feel I was a wreck, so she told me to go ahead inside and call him. I called Todd from a pay phone and he asked, “Did you get the message?” I said, “No! Oh my God, what is it?” He said that the Red Cross called and said they would help with any extra cost to change our tickets. Whew! Dave is still okay! So the minute my mom and I and my stepfather got to the ticket counter, the lady there told me I was supposed to call Todd. After a surprised look towards my mom, I told her I already did, then she told me there was a plane leaving in 5 minutes if I wanted to go get on it. OH MY GOSH! I looked at my mom and asked her if she would fly with the boys back to Germany since I left them at my mom’s house. I had no idea I would fly out that day! But, guess what! Spirit blocked me from having our tickets changed over the phone because I never would have taken that flight to Germany. I would have thought there was no way we could have even made it, with packing and getting the boys ready. So instead of having to wait till the next day, I was on the plane, with no suitcase, no clothes, nothing but my purse. I didn’t care, I wanted to get home to my husband.

Besides the drive to the airport, the flight felt the longest I had ever made. I tried to sleep but I kept worrying that Dave wouldn’t make it before I got there. Hey I’m human! :)Like I said in the last post, I didn’t realize how very real my psychic abilities really were. Before I left Kansas City, I told my mom to call Brian, our neighbor in Germany and let him know that I had no luggage and for him to be there exactly when I landed. I got off the plane, went through customs and out the door I went. I scanned the crowd for Brian but I didn’t see him, so I was headed out to find a taxi! He saw me and caught up with me first, thank God, because I didn’t have any German Marks!

It is amazing how spirit works for us to make things happen! Even with the frustrating phone calls to the airlines, it was all for a reason! Try to remember, if something just isn’t happening for you that you are pushing to do, there is a reason. God knows the right timing for everything!