Change Your Thoughts

I’d like to address a problem that 99% of people have who have ever been abused. I would like to tell you that NO ONE is better than you! Please don’t ever allow other people to talk down to you, or talk to other people as if you are less than them or don’t measure up. When you feel this way and allow this behavior from others, you only attract more people who will use you, abuse you, emotionally and possibly even physically. If you feel like this is how you “deserve” to be treated and allow it, then the Universe believes this is what you want in your life. Then you get more losers who like to “beat up” on “the weak ones” to make themselves feel bigger. You must stop this cycle – please!! You have a sweet, loving spirit inside you who deserves to receive and give love and be treated fairly. If you have to, look in the mirror everyday and say, “I love you.” That seems like a hard thing to do doesn’t it? You have to love yourself if you want to attract love into your life. When you truly do that your whole life will change. If that’s too hard, imagine the spirit in you as that little girl or little boy who was beat up, demeaned, made to feel like a piece of dirt. What do you want to do with that little child in you? Protect her, love her, hug her, tell her everything will be ok? Yes! Do that and you’re on your way to healing. It doesn’t matter if you think of your spirit as a little child; just love it like you love your own child. Heal that little child in you and you will heal yourself. You deserve abundance in every area of your life. If you are struggling with finances, ask yourself why. What little voice inside of you tells you that you can’t have money? Why? Were you told you’d never amount to nothing? Is that how you feel about yourself? Do you talk to yourself like that? If you want abundance in your life (in every area!) change your thinking and the way you talk to yourself. When you hear something negative come out of your mouth, change it to something positive. If you usually say, “I can’t ever get ahead”, change that to “I make ends meet and have money leftover!” Or say, “I deserve a partner who loves me and appreciates all the good qualities I have”. Change the thoughts you have too, they’re the same as saying it out loud. Really focus on your thoughts throughout the day and you’ll see how many negative thoughts you really have. Believe me, I know! Then work on changing them. Cancel them out with a positive thought about yourself.

As a psychic, I do readings for so many people who have lack in their lives or major relationship problems. I can tell right away when someone has been abused; it’s so obvious to me. A lot of people like this just don’t want to change things; they worry more about what other people will think if they leave the loser (yet again) or if they move away from a parent (usually their first abuser!) that parent might get upset with them….blah, blah, blah. So what?? Who cares what other people think!? This is YOUR life and no one has the right to control you in any way. When you begin to focus on YOU and what will make YOU happy, things will start to change. That parent won’t be far enough away that you can’t call or visit once in a while. Hey, just might be a very good thing! 🙂 Sometimes a fresh start, new place, new job, etc is wonderful for you. What is holding you back? You deserve to earn money, you deserve a good partner who you truly love and who loves you back, you deserve good health. If you are in a situation like this, please, please think about changing your mind.

Happy Healing! You can do it, I know you can!