Summer Time!

It’s been an eventful summer so far!  I do hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend. My husband and I spent most of our time at our friend Claude’s house where we swam and bbq’d. We had a wonderful time, the weather was absolutely amazing! The normal humidity for GA was so low and the temps were in the high 80’s. Gorgeous weather!

My father’s birthday was July 4th. I always say Happy Birthday to the people I love in spirit, so that was his day. He always used to have a birthday party in combination with the July 4th celebrations. I’d go visit him in the summers and was usually there for the occasion. I know he and his family and friends were celebrating the day along with all of us here.

I’m feeling wonderful since my surgery! I had an abscessed tooth and had to have a root canal last week (Woohoo!) but am feeling so much better now all around. I feel like I have my energy back now and am anxious to begin working out again! I seem to have gained 5 pounds while taking it easy the past 3-4 weeks.

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