Question About Bible

As a Christian too, I still struggle with this. I have read your bible verses but there are also verses that specifically say not to use ‘mediums’. None of these verses above specifically say that it is ok to see mediums or talk to our dead loved ones. The bible also says that no one should talk to the dead and that the person doing so is trying to trick us through the devil. In fact there are verses that do specifically say not to use mediums. I’m trying to get a clearer understanding so that I can explain the position of mediums and even have proof to back up what I’m saying. anything more you can offer is appreciated.

Thank you.

Comment by Cindy

Hi Cindy,

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I will try to answer your questions the best I can. Please know that my tone is loving, and it is my hope that you and others read this with an open heart and mind.

I believe in God completely. I believe we have a loving God, who loves us unconditionally. Religion can be quite a sore spot to talk about because everyone has their own beliefs and everyone might have been taught some things a little differently than others. What you believe to be true in your heart, is what is true for you. The bible says a lot of things that don’t make sense or ring true for me in my heart. There are quite a lot of contradictions. Such as, God loves us unconditionally. Why would God create a devil and a hell if he loves us unconditionally? As a mother, I couldn’t imagine doing that to one of my own children. God has a thousand times more love for us than we can feel while we’re in a human body, so I can’t imagine him sending us to anyplace where we might suffer. God is all loving, not intimidating or a God who wants us to fear him.

There is an old testament in the bible. Do we really believe God ever wanted us to go by those rules? The old testament is ignored by most people, as “it’s not for today”. I don’t recall ever seeing a time limit written for us as to when to abide by the old testament and when it was okay to ignore it. So why do we ignore it? Why aren’t those rules still in place?

You see, I believe the bible was written by man…..years and years after Jesus walked the earth, so things got changed around, people put into the bible what they could to control us with fear and intimidation. It’s like the game we played in elementary school where we’d stand in a circle, the first person would whisper a sentence to the person next to them, and around it went. When we got to the last person, what they said was totally different from what the first person said!

We all have gifts. Jesus was a medium and a healer. His apostles/followers could see and hear him after he died. Jesus came to teach us and he said we can do what he has done and more! We are all spirit. This body is only temporary, but we tend to separate ourselves from God because we think we are no longer spirit. Of course we are, that is the Holy Spirit living inside us, our soul, our spirit. We are all one with God, spirits first, so of course we can use our abilities we had in spirit even when we are in our bodies. But again, we are taught that is wrong to know things or talk to other spirits. Why? They are no different from us, they just don’t have a human body anymore. They’re vibration is much higher than ours now because our body makes us very dense and heavy, but we are all the same. For some people it is hard to hear or see spirit because our human vibration is not high enough, and our conscious mind tells us it is not possible. (See, what you believe to be true is true) That is why spirit comes in our dreams to visit us, when our conscious mind is asleep and we are more open to them. Our loved ones in spirit are with us a lot, and so are our angels and teachers. We wouldn’t ignore them if they were here sitting next to us in a body, why ignore them just because they no longer have a body?

I was taught that meditation or hypnosis is not a good thing to do because the devil could come into you. We are awake when we are meditating! Our mind is no more open to evil while meditating than when we are sleeping. But…..maybe we were taught that because “some” people don’t want us to meditate because we just might tune in to what is “truth”, what really “is” and feel in our hearts that some things we are taught totally goes against our loving God! So, quite possibly, maybe whoever wrote in the bible about the rule of not talking to dead people wanted us to fear this, because there is the possibility of them telling us what God really is like too! We talk to Jesus. A lot of people talk to Mary, Joseph, apostles, other people who are in spirit who once lived in a body. Is that wrong? If something causes fear in you, it is not from God. Fear is a negative emotion, and so is guilt. God is not negative, so if anything creates fear in you, it is not true. We are not supposed to judge, yet many people judge anything and everything and everybody! No one is “better” than anyone else. We are all of God.

I feel there is a difference between being spiritual and being religious. You can go within yourself, into your heart and mind to know God, to truly know your truth, what God wants us to know and what “just feels right” to you in your heart. Don’t separate yourself from God. The bible also says we have free will. Yet, God has a “will” for us? Free will is just that, without others trying to control what we do. But that is what the bible does. Please when you read this, remember who really wrote the bible and pay attention to how you really feel about these things.

I hope this helps with some of your questions, and it is my hope that because I don’t believe everything that is written in the bible, that it doesn’t make me less than a good, loving spirit in a human body.