Psychics – Real Or Fake?

Recently I got 2 phone calls within one day of each other from ladies who had been to psychics.  The first lady who I will call Muffin had gotten a reading from me recently.  She got a reading at a festival in town with her friend, who received a reading from the psychic’s daughter.  The psychic told her a few accurate things, then proceeded to tell her she had negativity around her.  Muffin called me to ask me if I had sensed this around her also.  Obviously the news scared and worried her.  I told her no, if I had sensed that, and if her guides or loved ones thought it was important for her to know, they would have given me that information to pass along. I asked her about the psychic, if she felt she was authentic or not and Muffin said yes, she knew some things that were going on in her life.  I then asked her if she wanted her to come back again for another reading to see if the negativity was gone or if she wanted more money to remove the negativity.  She said the psychic asked for $25 more to pray for the negativity to go away.  Muffin gave her the money.

The next phone call was from a lady in another state who was desperate.  She finally figured out that the psychic she had been in contact with for months was a fraud and liar, and took a lot of money from “Joan”.  The “psychic” of course told her things that made sense, then told her she could help her get her husband back.  Of course this involved putting a box with dirt and other items under Joan’s bed, rituals, and lots and lots of money.  The psychic told her that next month she would give Joan her money back, that she really didn’t need it because she did readings for the stars in Hollywood.  Almost $2000 later Joan called the psychic and her phone had been disconnected.  Joan cannot find her to get her money back.  Did Joan get her husband back?  HECK NO!

There are greedy psychics who use their abilities to place fear in you.  Once they have scared you, they pounce.  All they want is more money.  I want to tell you something.  I’ve seen on the internet and in magazines where psychics promise to return your lover to you, promise to cast spells to get you a job, etc.  Guess what?  They CAN’T!  They cannot do that!  No one can make a person do something against their own will.  No one can “bring” anything to you except for you!  You are the only one who can create things in your life, such as a job or boyfriend or husband.  If your husband or boyfriend has left, think about it; do you really want someone back who doesn’t want to be with you?  I know it hurts, but when someone or something is not good for us and we keep ignoring this, the universe has a way of removing them or it from our lives.  You know why?  Because there is someone better waiting to come along!

What I’m really trying to say is if a psychics lures you in to calling them because they promise you something, please know that they are only going to get you to keep calling them so they can get more of your money.  If you go to a psychic and they say anything that scares you, run!  Run as fast as you can because you know what is coming next!  They will want more money to remove a curse or negativity or bad aura…you get my drift.  Fear is not of God, just remember that.  Fear is the opposite of love, so if a psychic puts fear in you, she is not of love.

I wish I could warn so many people that the fraudulent psychics have to stop what they are doing because they’re not getting any business!   It’s such a shame for them to take advantage of people and take the money most of the people can’t afford to give.  For those of you who have been to people like this, I’m so sorry, and please know that there are some good ones who truly want to help you.  Just follow your gut instinct and you will find the one who is right for you.