Psychic Kids

What would you think if your child started seeing spirits?  Would you think it was a great thing and nurture it?  Would you help them understand that it is nothing to fear, that it’s a wonderful gift to have?  Would your child seeing and feeling spirits around your home scare you?  Spirits are around us all the time whether you can see and feel them or not.  It doesn’t change much if you can actually see them, except that you are aware.  It is amazing to be able to acknowledge spirit that they are with us!  Remember the movie “Ghost”?  Patrick Swayze was a spirit who tried so very hard to let his wife know he was there with her.  She could feel him at times, but just thought it was her imagination.  Remember how frustrating it was for Patrick Swayze as the ghost that she wouldn’t allow herself to feel him?  Imagine being in the same room with someone, talking up a storm, doing things to get their attention, but they keep ignoring you.  If you get a little signal from a loved one in spirit, acknowledge them, even if it is through a thought.  Children see spirits all the time.  Adults teach them that it’s not possible!  They teach them that it’s an imaginary friend, or God forbid, that they are demons.

I recently was with a family who was very open minded at one point a few years ago.  Then one of the children began seeing spirits and it scared her.  The parent went into the child’s bedroom and began blessing the room, calling on a particular person from the bible (I can’t remember who) and rebuking demons from the child’s room.  Seriously?  I cannot imagine that could have made the child feel better.  If anything, it brought more fear into her!  Oh and by the way, asking any dead person to help you do anything, even if they are in the bible is still talking to a spirit.  Hmmmm, I’m not sure what the whole point of that was, but instead of calming the child down and letting them know we all have spirits around us, that they were just letting her know they are around her, more fear was instilled in her.  Fear is a terrible human emotion.  Fear is not from God.  There are so many psychic kids around these days.  Please help your child nurture their gift and teach them that it is nothing to fear.  People tend to fear things that they can’t see with their eyes.  There are so many things we can’t see physically, yet we know that it is there.  It’s no different with spirit.