Ask The Angels

During the holidays I was thinking of all the times I missed our boys because they are so far away. I thought of a time a few years ago our son David was stationed in Afghanistan. He’d only been there a couple of weeks and I had only heard from him one time. I was driving home one afternoon, thinking about him. I began to get so worried about him and so sad because I couldn’t pick up the phone and call to check on him.  I began crying. By the time I got home I was in a terrible state of depression and just wanted to lie down and cry. I got the phone, set it next to my bed in case he tried to call.  As I was crying I was praying and asking the angels to please have David call me. It wasn’t 5 minutes after talking to the angels that the phone rang! It was David! Thank you Angels!! It was a terrible phone connection and we only got to talk for a minute, but I got to hear his voice! I knew he was okay!

I’ve mentioned in another one of my posts how I ask the angels for a good parking space. LOL They do it every time! I find it so amazing that the angels are there no matter what. They are standing by waiting to help us, even if it is the silliest thing. They’re with us anyway, we might as well talk to them! All you have to do is ask. The angels amaze me every time I ask them for help because most times they are Johnny on the spot and come through right away!

I have told my husband about asking the angels for a good parking spot. He said, “Well why don’t they do it for me?” As he said that someone was pulling out of a spot close to the store we were going into. LOL! Do you think he took it? No. LOL He has a hard time making up his mind over which spot to take, so I told him the Angels would be wasting their time because he doesn’t pay attention and take the good spot they open up for him anyway!

Talk to your Angels! That’s what they’re there for!  Try it and let me know how fast they work for you! 🙂