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Thank you for the wonderful reading this week after my son’s death. I found it very beneficial and extremely enlightening. I have never participated in a spiritual reading before and the information that you communicated to me was incredible. I must say that the accuracy of the information was amazing. I feel I have a…
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Heart of Gratefulness

Today I am in such a state of gratefulness!  I’m so thankful for my husband and children, clients, friends and family!  I find it amazing how sometimes we lose touch with friends we’ve made over the years, then get back in touch again! Just today a psychic medium friend and I exchanged emails after 7…
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Psychic Medium Referral

Dear Beth,
Your new website is lovely. Having been a practicing medium myself and having worked with many gifted individuals since the 1970s, I can honestly say that you are the only medium that I would trust with my own personal inquiries due to your highest ethics, integrity and special spiritual gifts. Since I am no…
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Ghost Whisperer

Hi! I just watched “The Ghost Whisperer” tonight. It was about reincarnation. I love the show and find it so interesting. I never knew there were people out there who could only see spirits who have not gone to the light, or spirit world, or heaven. (Whatever name it is to you) Is that really…
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