Testimonies/Group and individual

From a recent client: My first session with Beth was awesome. She told me I would meet and marry a man that lived in Texas, but there was something about Georgia too. We would meet through friends, and would be very soon. Six months later, I reconnected with an old friend from Ga. on facebook who lived in Texas and we were married in January. There were many other things she knew about him that were uncanny. God bless you, Beth!

Beth is awesome. I did not share any stories about my past nor was I inquiring about readings but as soon as we sat down she asked me questions spot on about my relatives that have past without me asking. She is a joy to be around. I highly recommend Beth if you are seeking readings! I had such a positive experience being with her!

I recently lost a very special person in my life. I had seen a Medium before and knew I wanted to pursue it again. I wasn’t sure that a local, middle Ga medium would be able to help me, so with a lot of belief in the process, I went to see Beth. I felt like I would know early on if she knew what she was doing or not.
Needless to say, her first comments confirmed that she indeed knew what she was doing. She was point on the entire time we talked! I knew that I was where I needed to be.
I plan to see her again, she is awesome!

I hosted a group reading today with Beth. It was an awesome experience for everyone. To hear that your loved ones are watching over you and know what is going on in your life is so comforting and healing! This was my second time with Beth. She has a true gift from God and is spot on with her readings!! Loved every minute!!

I think Beth Berry has a true gift! I loved the group meeting I went to today. I didn’t get read personally, but that’s okay it was a blessing for all the people who got read including my Mother. She needed that. Thank you Beth!

Love knowing that my family members that have passed are watching over me! Thank you Beth! I will see you again!

I first met Beth about ten years ago when I was surfing the internet for a psychic medium in my area. At the time, I lived in North Florida and all of the ones I came across just didn’t seem right. I kept searching and expanded it to include Georgia, which is where I grew up. I used to travel back and forth frequently to visit my family so I knew if I found someone in between there I could easily make it work. I stumbled upon Beth’s Light of Brian website and was immediately taken in by her story and by the testimonies of others that had a reading with her. I sent her a quick email asking her the standard questions about rates and availability, provided my contact information and hit send. Expecting it to take a while to hear back I started to get up from the computer and work on house chores. Within a few minutes my phone was ringing! When I heard her voice on the other end of the line I honestly couldn’t believe it. Just from a customer service stand point alone, that was pretty amazing! After we talked for a few minutes about logistics she was able to help me understand that even though she was a few hours away from me there was no need to schedule an in person meeting, we could do the reading much sooner! That same week, she called me for the reading. Beth never asked me anything about myself or my life or who I wanted to connect with. She is a professional in her craft and uses her gift like no other. And man, what an amazing experience.
I will never forget that conversation with her because I had been longing for quite some time to reconnect with a very special person in my life that had passed away. Beth wasted no time in delivering messages to me. At first I, like many, didn’t feel like she was connecting to anyone I knew. I was rapidly writing down everything she was telling me but nothing made sense. After a few minutes, she started saying things about my cousin who had passed away tragically and very young. Things I had told myself that if she said would prove it was my cousin came pouring out of her! I remember getting goosebumps during the conversation and Beth said “you have goosebumps now don’t you?”. I was crying and started that not so attractive laugh, cry, sniffle. It was so tender and so awesome to hear Beth recount things from our time here on Earth together and the reassurance that my cousin has never left me. I don’t think I can explain it in words the overwhelming feeling of calm and love that I felt. I had continued taking notes and as soon as the conversation ended I called my mom. While reading to her the notes from the beginning of the reading, my mother tells me she knows exactly who was coming thru in the beginning…my grandmother’s sister and my great grandmother. Once she said that it was like a light bulb turning on and I felt a little silly for not realizing that at first. And a little bad (sorry Grandmother Hickman!) 
Beth and I developed a friendship after that and have continued to share precious memories together. She has walked me through meditations where I have met and spoken to my spirit guides. THAT is a truly remarkable experience! I have visited many psychics in my life, even some that are pretty famous. Beth Berry is the REAL DEAL. She has a gift that, in my humble opinion, is unmatched by anyone. She is a special lady with a special gift ~ if you’re undecided about a reading with her, let me encourage you to call her and schedule a reading today. It will be the best, most rewarding thing you do for yourself all year!