Spirit Guides and Angels

Sometimes our spirit guides will put a thought into our mind to get us to do something, or warn us not to do something. They can also give us a flat tire or stick us in a traffic jam to keep us from having an accident or keep us out of harms way. I got a flat tire one time driving to my mom’s 5 hours away. I waited and waited at the mechanic’s to check my tire and fix it. Guess what? There was not a single hole in my tire! Come to find out, there was a major car accident a couple hours ahead involving many cars. As frustrated as I was I was thankful someone was watching out for me. Angels have not been in bodies. They are here to help us in any way we ask. We all have angels around us. Sometimes they help us out of a very bad situation (like our guardian angels). We can also ask them to help us with things, even silly things!