Past Sylvia Browne Client

Dear Beth,

As I sit here on September 11 th, with all of the heart-ache around us on this tragic anniversary I am filled with so much sorrow; sorrow for the many loved ones left behind that day. Even then, I mean even with all of that sorrow and grief, I am also elated in knowing that although we lost so many that day, they are still here for their children, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. If only one person left behind that day sees this and finds comfort here, then I know I have done a good thing in writing this testimonial.

Beth, I told you this when we spoke, and I’ll say it again here…..I know I was lead to you by a Higher Power. I truly believe that it was Fate that brought me to you. Still, I had doubts that you could really give me proof that my loved ones are around me. I have tried this kind of thing many times, and had yet to feel any real connections. I guess on some level we all are looking for that extra validation ~ which is exactly what you gave me! When you first began my reading I thought “what in the world is she talking about?…..this isn’t the person I was expecting to hear from!”. In fact, I am still puzzled as to why my Aunt Helen, whom I didn’t even know very well in her life time would come through to me. I wanted so badly for my cousin to come through that I was almost disgusted that it wasn’t her. Soon after though, I got exactly what I came to you for—my cousin came through with so many validations that it left no doubt in my mind that you are the real deal. You asked me if I had goose-bumps, and I did! I even think my goose-bumps had goose-bumps!!! And, of course when others close to me kept coming through, each with their own undeniable validations, I had no choice but to admit that you really connected with them and that I am constantly surrounded by so much love. I called my mom right away and shared everything with her. She was so shocked about all of the details that you were giving–things that no one could have known. What a wonderful and exciting gift you have, Beth. You have given me something I have long been in search of…..peace in knowing what I thought to be true. I no longer believe on blind faith alone. You gave me the proof that there is life after death and that we will be united with those we’ve loved and lost once this life is through. Even better, we can reconnect with them now, everyday. Just by acknowledging their presence in our lives we give themvalidation that we haven’t forgotten them and that we know they are around us every time we call!

Beth, you are a true inspiration to me. I am beginning my own spiritual journey into the psychic world. I hope that with guidance I will be able to hone my abilities and maybe even be able to help others one day, as you do. Thank you for all you have given me. Having that validation that I am in constant contact with my cousin means more to me than you may ever know. She is right….I never shut up thinking about and talking to her……there were too many words left unspoken while she was here–now she is getting an ear full!! J You certainly haven’t heard the last of me, either! I hope you feel the same that we were meant to meet. I look forward to a very long friendship with you. You have a very unique and powerful gift. It is my wish that you come to every soul you are meant to help heal, here and on the Other Side. I have and will continue to “SING YOUR PRAISE” to all that I know and meet.

Beth W.
Orange Park, Florida