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November 17, 2014

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Group Reading Events

I’m doing something new! If you’d like to have a stand up “spirit” party like I did in California with my friend Michelle, please let me know! You can have it at your home and invite 20 people or more and I’ll come do it! $25 a person if there are 20 people or more (minus the hostess of course)! I will come, stay approximately 2 hours for a large group, stand up and bring through spirit for different people. It’s like the large groups Theresa Caputo or John Edward would do. I will bring through as many spirits as time allows. Please keep in mind, not every single person will get a reading, but everyone in the room will experience what spirit messages are like and even feel a healing in relating with another person’s reading. I’m not the type of psychic who sits down with tarot cards and a crystal ball. I am a medium (also psychic) and I pride myself on giving proof and messages from spirit so you know your passed loved ones are not gone, but truly with you even though they are not here physically. If you’re interested in having a large group event, please email me: bberry01@windstream.net

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August 25, 2014

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Psychic Medium Reading Discount!

End of summer special is here! Just like my Facebook page, send me an email and I will give you 10% off of your reading!

August 24, 2014

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Interview Fresno, CA

This is part of mine and Michelle’s interview before our open group event!



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April 23, 2014

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California, Here I come!

I am happy to announce that I am going to California to do a huge group event with my friend Michelle!  She lives in Fresno, CA and we will be standing up in front of a crowd to bring through spirit messages! The funny thing is, after we decided we would be doing this event on May 24th, we found out that Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) will be in Fresno 10 days later doing her own event! If you’re curious to see what a spirit event is like, please join Michelle and I! If you have any questions just shoot me an email! 🙂 We can’t wait to see you!


Fresno, CA

Fresno, CA

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March 1, 2014

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

I have a big announcement!! In September last year the producer of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” called and asked me if I would go to the family’s house to do a reading for them for their Halloween special!! I have no idea what parts of the reading they are actually airing, but the show will air March 13th at 9PM EST on TLC! I was told there are 12 segments in the 45 minute episode, so my part will only be a couple of minutes. Anyway, tune in with me to see how the family reacts to hearing from their passed loved ones!! 

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December 29, 2013

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Client Dee’s Reading Experience

Beth, words cannot convey the love and gratitude I feel for your reading. I will always miss my love, but the reading has given me so much peace, contentment, and much to hold on to, as I transition into my new life. You are absolutely amazing, you have a beautiful gift. You were spot on in so very many ways, many of which are not written here, as they are too personal to share in this forum. Just for the record, I’ve been agnostic, and a hopeful skeptic, for my entire adult life. Below, is a sampling of some of the things we spoke of in the reading, so others might be able to see how amazing a reading can be. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Dee

I lost the love of my life, Mike, six months ago, unexpectedly. As it is for all of us who have lost a loved one, it has been a very difficult time, and it seemed there would never be any peace in my life again. It just felt like there was a big, gaping hole, where my heart used to reside. Just when I thought I might get through a day without falling apart, I would lose it all over again. How could he be gone? It was just impossible for me to wrap my head around. I had found Beth online.It was a “Best Psychics in the Atlanta area” website. She had lots of reviews, and they were excellent. So I started thinking about coming to her for a validation reading. It could be a phone reading, she says on her website, I didn’t need to come to in person. I really didn’t like this idea, because I had friends who had phone readings that were so bland they could fit anyone. But she insisted it was all right, and since it would have been a few hours drive for me, I decided to trust what she said. I have been waiting a few weeks, for this reading. In the meantime, I discussed it with Mike, over and over; telling him the reading was coming up, and I need validation he really does still exist, because I was having a hard time with losing him, and with understanding God, without some kind of validation that all was well. There were only 3 options the way I saw it. Either Mike still existed and there is a God, Mike didn’t exist, and there was no God, or Mike existed and wasn’t permitted to communicate with me for some reason.I was hoping for something concrete. Something NOT like “watch for butterflies, and know i’m with you”. I asked him to put on his “spiritual executive suit”, and plan our meeting. List bullets. Since it was only a 30 minute reading, he had to be quick and concise! I also made a list of FIFTY bullets he could use, that would convince me I was really hearing from him. But I told him knowing him, he wouldn’t especially like being bossed around, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with his own ideas. And if he was going to, they better be as good, or better!!! This reading was totally for validation. That was my premise, and I let him know how important it was to me. I probably layed it on a little too thick, but I just wanted to be sure – lol.. he knows me, and knows I’m not normally so bossy, so I wasn’t too worried about being over the top. I just wanted to be sure my message got through! Okay, cut to chase. The morning finally arrives. I am filled with such anticipation and so very worried he won’t come through. I am a very hopeful skeptic, but not about to be bowled over by any thing lukewarm. Beth is the sweetest most calming woman, with a wonderful way about her. You are immediately soothed on hearing her voice. The way she works it is, since there are often more than one soul waiting to communicate, she describes them physically, first. She said there were several waiting, but the man at the front, was tall, handsome, had dark hair starting to gray, and light colored eyes. He came through as a gentleman, a gentle soul. This description fit my Mike to a T. Then she always talks about how they passed. She said she was seeing a lung/breathing problem, followed by something with the blood, followed by full organ breakdown. This was a validation. He first had to go on ventiliation because he couldn’t breath, then was fighting sepsis, then the kidneys, heart, and full organ shut-down. She said he didn’t suffer. She was spot on with this description. So, next thing out of her mouth is, “Dee, I have to tell you, he is looking at me, with a sh– eating grin on his face, dangling a bunch of keys… do you know what that means?? Third validation. The reason for that, is the following two stories: I had lost my keys the day after Mike passed. I looked everywhere for them. Finally figured out the next day, that I had accidentally thrown them in the garbage. My roomate had already taken the garbage out, and it was at the curb. I ran out to check for them, but the garbage man had already picked up the garbage. All my keys gone. Second story was, that we used to play this silly game in the car. When we would go somewhere, being the gentleman he was, he would open my car door for me, and get me settled in. As he walked around the car to get in his side, ju-u-u-ust as he went to open his door, I would lock it, from the inside of the car. He would use his electronic key to unlock it, but I’d lock it right away again. Back and forth we’d go, working ourselves into total hysterics sometimes. It was so stupid… but you know how these things go. So, I’d finally let him in, and he’d give me this look and sigh, as he put on his seatbelt. We did this our entire time together. Just one of those silly things. I have a photo of him, giving me that “look” as he puts on his seatbelt. It is one of my most precious posessions.. So, you see, him holding up those keys with a mischevious look on his face, was a slam dunk. I still burst into laughter and tears when I relive that moment. Then Beth gave another slam dunk validation that is too personal to put here. But it too, was a double validation. I didn’t even tell Beth it had two meanings, because, well – it was too personal, and it was Mike’s story. Perhaps she knows, as she is a psychic, but we didn’t go there. I just validated my half, and boy did we have a good laugh over it! He made sure some of the validations were not possible for anyone to know but the two of us! Then he told her that I constantly ask him, if reincarnation “does” exist, would he wait for me, and not come back til I was with him there. He said “You bet your ass I will wait! I will be the first one waiting in line to see you”. He says we will share our next lifetime, and that we will meet when we are young – as children or teenagers, and that we will marry, and that we will have lots of kids. What a beautiful thing to hear, and a definite validation, because that is what I have been asking him since his passing – to please wait for me.. and we had discussed quite a few times how we wish we had found each other when we were younger, so we could have had a family together. It all fit. He knew I was at the hospital, and he heard everything I said to him. I was glad to know this, as he was so ill and in an induced coma. I didn’t have time to say much before the nurse told me to leave his side, as he was fighting with every fiber of his being, for his life. He said he left his body halfway between when he was put on the ventilator, and when his heart stopped. That was important for me to know, because around that time, he came to me in a dream, while I was sleeping on the cot in his hospital room. He was just there in front of me, and said “You know, I really do love you..” and then he faded away. Immediately after that, the nurse woke me and said I should call the family right away, as he was failing fast. Then Beth asked me if i was a manager, because he was telling her I should be one, because I do all the work of a manager anyway. Well, that is exactly what he used to tell me all the time. At least once a month for years. Another spot on validation. I told her we still disagree on that one.. So, as you might guess, I’ve been doing a lot of crying these last months. When I pass by a mirror and see my mottled face, I would kind of apologize to him for looking so old and awful and teary all the time. I was sure if he could see me, it would be hard for him to see that all the time. The next thing out of her mouth is, that Mike says I look adorable when I cry… now, at first glance, that might not seem like much, but it is SO Mike to say something soothing, that will not make me feel bad, and will let me know it’s okay, and he does see me crying. A very, very Mike thing to say. I took that as another validation. Then, she said he was showing himself driving a small yellow stick-shift car. I took that to be a reflection of our conversations about how i used to have a buttercream yellow mini cooper and that it was stick shift, and he had heard me bemoan the fact I didn’t bring it with me when i had divorced. A possible validation. But when i talked to his daughter, she said that when she was little, he had a little yellow sportscar, and they used to go for long drives just for the fun of it. And it was stick shift. So, two possible validations. She asked me if I had a necklace from him. I said yes, waiting for her to describe it. She didn’t elaborate, but asked me if i held it in my hand all the time. I do. I hold the two pendants while it’s still around my neck when i am reading, or watching t.v. But the topper was, she then said “Is it musical or something? He’s saying it makes a sound… When he wore it (it was his before mine), and we were snuggling, I used to rub the two parts of it together. I told him it was a soothing sound, because I rubbed them together at a time when we were happy and cuddling. I used to do it all the time. Another validation. Now who in the world, would ask if a necklace made a sound, without prompting from the other side?? She said he twice showed her Ireland. Well, he is Irish, and I always called him “My Bonnie Lad”. Validation. He said he read the letter I wrote him. Well, I’ve been writing one continuous letter since he died – three jounals at last count. We had a good laugh over that one. She asked if there was a possible California connection. I said yes, he traveled there often, and loved it there. She asked if he was possibly a pilot, because he kept showing her a plane in conjunction with California. Well yeah, he flew there all the time.. validation. Beth said there was a smaller, lean man standing next to him, with dark hair and dark eyes. The description fit my Dad exactly. She said he was throwing me kisses, and telling me he loved me so much, and then put his arm around my shoulder. Now, I had told Mike before the reading; and had talked to my dad and everyone else on the other side, to tell them that though I would love to communicate with them all, that this visit was about me and Mike, so short would be best, and we could talk another time. So what dad did, fit perfectly. I had not told Beth I wanted to keep anyone else out of the picture. No one else came through to talk, but she said there were quite a few others in the background.. she also said dad was happy to tell her that I look just like him, which I do. Mike said he comes to me in dreams. He has come to me, quite often in my dreams, but these last two weeks, nothing. He said he does, but I don’t always remember when I wake up. Then she asked if i had any questions, which of course i did. I said we were on this spiritual journey together, and promised each other that if one of us passed, we would contact the other, to tell them about God. Through Beth, he said, “God is beautiful, just love, God is love, God is the universe. God is not separate from anyone. He is the same here he’s saying, as he is there. He is in you the same as he is in me. The Buddhist and the Catholic and the religion.. he’s shaking his head and he’s saying there is no such THING here, – in their world there is no such thing. Man invented these things. Exactly what I needed to hear, and what I had been waiting for these last months. Beth says on her webpage, that hearing from the other side is sometimes fuzzy, and she might only get parts of what they are trying to convey, but much will come through crystal clear. She wasn’t kidding about the crystal clear part! I hope this portion of my experience gives hope and solice to someone who has lost a loved one. I feel the best way I can honor my Mike, is by passing on all the love he gave to me, to others. That’s after all, what it’s all about.

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October 19, 2013

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Why Do Mediums Charge

This is a perfect answer to why mediums charge for their services. The answer is written by Bob Olson of www.ofspirit.com

Dear Mr. Olson,

Thanks for all the work you do to help people dealing with grief, tough decisions and everyday life challenges. I just want to know why psychic medium readings are so expensive considering psychic mediums claim to genuinely want to help people. Isn’t it wrong to charge so much when doing spiritual work?



Hi Jan,

That’s a great question, and one that I get a lot. Let me begin by pointing out that it isn’t fair to lump all psychic mediums together in your question. There are psychic mediums who don’t charge any fee for a reading, psychic mediums who charge $25, psychic mediums who charge $125, psychic mediums who charge $350, and psychic mediums who charge $800. And, for the most part, most actually do genuinely want to help people; they don’t merely “claim” to want to help them.

With that said, I believe I can answer your question to better help you understand why some psychic mediums charge more than others. While I am not a psychic medium, I have investigated this field since 1999. So here is my perspective on this matter from the inside looking out.

Psychic mediums who charge very little and are not supported by a breadwinner or trust fund must work a full-time job to pay their bills. There are not a lot of full-time jobs for psychic mediums, so most have to work at jobs that have nothing to do with helping people using their gifted ability. Therefore, they are not able to help many people with their gift because they are so busy working their full-time job in addition to taking care of their families.

On the other side, the psychic mediums who do offer their gift to the world on a full-time basis must earn enough giving readings to pay all their bills. They too need to pay for rent or a mortgage, health insurance, automobile expenses and insurance, food, clothing, utilities, and so on, just like the rest of us. If they rent office space so that they can have privacy in their home from their work (which they certainly deserve), they have those rent and utility expenses, as well.

Full-time psychic mediums help a lot more people in the course of a week, a month and a year than those who only give readings part-time. Unfortunately for them, even if their reading fee is $200 for a one-hour reading, it’s not like they earn $200 per hour for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most psychic mediums only give two or three readings a day on average, and often not five days per week. While some psychic mediums are able to give more readings, this is the average. And here is why…

For one, it takes a lot of energy to give a reading, so psychic mediums have to balance and protect their energy (their life force). If they expend all their energy serving the public, they both risk getting ill and having no energy left for their children, spouses, parents and friends, which affects their entire life including the quality of their work.

Two, psychic mediums have to market themselves so that people know about the wonderful service they offer, and this takes both time and money. If nobody knows who they are and what they do, then they can’t help anyone. And if they aren’t helping anyone because they haven’t spent the time and money required to market their services, then they have no clients to help, which forces them to take a full-time job doing something else.

Three, psychic mediums have to answer a lot of emails and phone calls—often playing telephone tag with people—in order to make reading appointments. This email and telephone work can take so much time (hours per day) that some mediums hire an assistant to help them get through it all, which then costs them more money—money they must earn back through their readings.

Unless a psychic medium is on television and/or selling out events to thousands of people, no psychic or medium I have ever met (and I know hundreds) is getting rich off their gift. In fact, most psychic mediums could work a lot less at a “normal” job and earn more money, especially considering all their expenses as a self-employed business owner.

So it’s easy to judge or question a psychic medium’s intentions to help people because his or her fee is on the high side, but only because people don’t know the whole story. It would be just as easy for someone to judge a psychic medium for working full-time as an office clerk or attorney and, thereby, NOT using their gift to help “more” people.

Who is doing the greater disservice? Is it the psychic medium who must charge a higher reading fee in order to help 40 to 60 people a month giving readings full-time OR the psychic medium who gives readings for free but can only help 2 or 3 people a month giving readings part-time? The answer is subjective, so there is no right or wrong answer. But an argument could be made either way.

Within the context of this topic, it’s important to add that there is nothing immoral or unethical about making money doing spiritual work. Musicians and singers like Josh Groban, Enya or Steven Halpern are doing spiritual work and making lots of money. Have you seen what it costs for a concert ticket these days? Yet nobody seems to question their motives. They are using their God-given gifts—just as psychic mediums do—providing amazing benefits to our world as a result, and profiting (as they should) from their talents, time and energy.

There are also financially successful artists who are celebrated for their spiritual work. Ansel Adams, Norman Rockwell and Steven Spielberg come to mind. Yet no one takes issue with how much they earned from their photographs, paintings or movies. All the same, few people can afford many artists’ paintings, photographs or sculptures that cost hundreds (and even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Are these artists less spiritual people for the abundance they attracted due to their talents? Few people would dare to think so. On the contrary, the prosperity allows such people the freedom to do more and even better work.

Even personalities like Oprah and Wayne Dyer, who touch a lot of people with their work, are both wealthy and doing spiritual work with their given talents. Many such authors and television personalities give all-day workshops that cost hundreds of dollars to attend. But are their motives or morals under question? Of course they aren’t. Most people appreciate that authors and TV show hosts are flourishing financially from the wonderful work they are doing in the world. So why should psychic mediums be treated differently?

Abundance is empowering whether you are a psychic medium, a musician, an artist or a world leader. There is nothing spiritual or empowering about poverty and financial struggle. Scarcity and struggle causes people to restrict and contract. Abundance allows people to expand and focus more of their time, resources and energy on helping others. And that is exactly what psychic mediums are doing when they receive the energy exchange we call money for their services.

There’s a common misconception about psychic mediums, which is that because one psychic medium charges $350 for a reading that it means people who cannot afford that sum are excluded from getting a reading. This is simply not true. No one is excluded from a reading with a psychic or medium regardless of their financial situation. There are numerous psychic mediums offering free or low-cost readings to people who cannot afford to pay a lot for a reading. For example, Spiritualist Churches (typically operated by psychic mediums) frequently hold a “Mediums Day” event a few times a year where people can get a reading for a small donation (or even free).

As a final point, it’s important to recognize that if it were not for some of the most financially successful psychic mediums such as John Edward, James Van Praagh and Allison Dubois, less people would either know about psychic mediums or be open to the idea of intuitive ability and spirit communication. This is because many of those who charge what some might consider a high reading fee (i.e. those who have learned how to attract abundance due to their gift) are paving the way for a skeptical public to be more open to psychic and mediumistic abilities.

The success and fame of these psychic mediums who spread their message via television and live demonstrations have made psychic mediumship more popular and better understood by the masses, while in turn giving thousands of psychic mediums in this country the courage to come out of the closet and be proud to tell people about their gift. For too long, thousands of psychic mediums were afraid to tell anyone about what their gift due to the stigma and skepticism surrounding these abilities. Today they can simply tell people, “Do you know John Edward or James Van Praagh? I do what they do.”

In these ways and more, the higher-priced psychic mediums help the psychic mediums who work for free or a low fee on so many levels. And this is just one of the many ways that there is perfect harmony when it comes to spiritual work and money.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Bob Olson

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October 2, 2012

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I have just a few slots open for next week and the following week!  Let me know soon if you’d like an appointment!


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August 2, 2012

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Best Psychic Award!

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July 12, 2012

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Ready To Get Back To Work!

Our summer vacation with our boys, girls and family is over!  We had visitors here in our home for 2 weeks. It was a wonderful time and so very hard to say good bye, especially to our boys, daughter in law and future daughter in law since they had to go back home to Italy. 🙁  I cry every time! Hubby and I went for a weekend vacation in Savannah last weekend and had a wonderful time. It’s always nice to get back home after going anywhere! We needed a vacation from our vacation with visitors! LOL

Our son David is leaving for Afghanistan on July 17th and will be there for 6 months. Please send angels and prayers to keep him safe.

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