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August 31, 2015

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Expectations From A Reading

Recently I had someone email me about receiving a reading from me, but first they wanted me to give them a nickname the passed loved one called them as a test. Things do not work this way! First of all, I don’t come up with information from spirit until I am meditating about your loved one before your reading. Secondly, I find it impossible to be “tested” that way. When someone asks me for something specific like a nickname, my human mind steps in and I start guessing.

It is best to allow the information to flow through me from your passed loved one rather than have specific expectations. I’m just the middle person interpreting what spirit shows me or says to me. I may or may not get specific names. There is so much information spirit will give and show me, even their personality, that after a few minutes there is no doubt in your mind who is speaking through me. 🙂 It is best to just let this information flow, rather than block me with a testing question, even though you don’t mean to test me. Just open your mind and “allow”!

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