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February 26, 2010

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Gifts From Heaven

When my brother passed away we lived in Germany. My parents and siblings lived in Missouri. In Germany there were two different types of calling plans to call the US. The one we had was a toll free number, we entered a pin number then dialed the number we wanted to call – without the number 1 before the area code. The other plan was a “call back” number. You would dial a number, hang up and when there was a US line available you would get a call back. We didn’t know how to use this one since we dialed direct without the number 1. I didn’t get to talk to my brother while we were in Germany until something happened.

At odd times of the day and night our phone would ring and on the other end we would hear, “Please enter your destination code.” It wasn’t a real person, so we didn’t know what the heck was going on! It would even happen at 3AM! Of course we would just hang up. It happened numerous times a week. One night in November the phone rang again. Same message on the other side, but instead of hanging up I dialed my mom’s phone number – with the 1! What made do that? How did I know to dial the one? I have no idea, but when I called my brother answered. No one else was home, so we got to talk for quite a while. He always made me laugh. He had the greatest sense of humor. Anyway, after our fun conversation I hung up. Guess what? The phone never did that again. It was December when he died. I got a gift from heaven! I had one last conversation with Brian.

About a week or so before Brian died my mom emailed me and said Brian says to say hi and he loves you. That’s the only time he asked to send a message to me in the 7 months we were already in Germany. What a gift that I was able to talk to Brian “one last time” before he passed.

This afternoon my phone rang one time. I answered it and there was a dial tone. The caller ID said my sister’s name and number. I tried calling her back but got no answer. I tried again a few minutes later. No answer. Finally I called in the evening and asked her about the phone call. She said, “No, I didn’t call.” I mentioned maybe my niece did. My sister said, “No, she was in school, nobody was home.” Alrighty then! LOL I told my sister it must have been Brian and if not, Casper! I knew it was from spirit.  I feel it was Brian and that my sister’s number showed up so I could verify it wasn’t possible for her to have called!

Pay attention to these little signs! We all get them sometime, but it’s so easy to blow it off and say, “Hmmm, that was weird.” When something like this happens, just acknowledge that you realize it’s from spirit, even if you don’t know exactly who it is. They’re just letting you know they are around. I am very thankful for the little signs I get and love Brian to prove to me that he’s around

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